Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Simple+Inspiring+Empowering or is it just hoping my moonshine street cred would skyrocket.

I love Mason Jars. You might say it's a fetish, I just love there elegance and simplicity. I use them for everything. It probably all started watching my grandmother who never seemed to waste anything, she just had a very matter of fact way of making use of things and making them last. I don't know if it was actually Mason Jars per se', but they seem to embody her spirit and allow me to feel good about re-purposing something. It's amazing how many times I solve a challenge with a glass Mason Jar. They are like duct tape. Not to mention funky and fun. It's inevitable that some time in the course of a day out and about either drinking or eating from one that I get a random smile or pleasant conversation from there presence. And one out of three folks inevitably asks me if it's moonshine ;~)
The jars seem to symbolize something obvious and intelligent ~ a message in a bottle. Anyhoo, here's a few creative uses. Tell me how you use your mason jars?

• Use as a drinking glass
• Pen/Pencil holder
• Utincel holder
• Bulk food containers storing them in glass instead of the flimsy plastic bags or Tupperware etc.
• Storing leftover food
• Loose change container
• Hold plant clippings you are rooting
• Candle holder
• Flower vase
• Sorter/holder for loose screws, nuts, etc
• Store extra buttons
• Holds gifts like dried cookie mixes or homemade bath salts
• Bird feeders

In addition to above, with a few simple adapter kits, you can find uses for them all over the home, including making a lotion/soap pump, an electric lamp.

(for some reason these links below are not going live so if you are interested in checking out either of these kits simply cut and paste one of these into your browser)

All these wonderful uses for them and they are made from glass so you don't have to worry about toxins in plastic or any of the other issues with plastic. Everything tastes and feels better.


  1. i use them for bedside water glasses :)

  2. I put a little rock salt in the bottom of the vintage blue ones and use to hold citronella candles on the patio. Love the light flickering from them.