Monday, February 23, 2009

Dancing+Fun+Liking the Ladies. Could these be the Secrets to living longer?

So it appears happiness is a state of mind that just may be one of key factors to a healthy and long life. For me the idea of becoming a centenarian is only interesting if it is a by product of a quality experience in this journey we call life.  Apparently there are four "hotspots" around the globe where people live to a hundred or more in great numbers. But interestingly enough more than just longevity - the peoples of these "zones" enjoy strength, vitality and yes...HAPPINESS. Regular exercise, tending to their gardens, and remaining active members of their communities as well as eating delicious food, lusting and enjoying sex all seem to promote healthy and sustainable conditions for a life well lived. They calls these areas The Blue Zones where a cross-cultural recipe of the world's best health and lifestyle practices are being observed and tracked. This is likely part 1 of this post as I am likely to track in on this further and share it as I discover more, till then dance, have some fun and lust a little would ya' 

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